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  • Xingchuangronghe(Fuzhou) Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd

    Xingchuangrong (Fuzhou) Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2020. Its main business is enterprise development mode focusing on industrial control product distribution and technical service, combining enterprise informatization software development and service, cooperating with mature and perfect national logistics distribution system.At present, the main business scope covers dozens of industries such as machinery, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical, light textile and municipal engineering.The company has established close cooperation with a number of upstream well-known brand partners, including Schneider of France, OMRON of Japan, Siemens of Germany, ABB of Sweden, Fuji of Japan, Toshiba of Japan, Witto of Germany and other world famous industrial control products manufacturers, and has established long-term and stable technical and business cooperative relations.

    Corporate Culture

    Company since its inception, has been committed to the construction of "people-oriented, integrity, innovation" as the core content of corporate culture, adhere to "overcome nature, to create wealth" business philosophy, adhering to the "create value for customers, for enterprises to create desire, create opportunities for staff, creating benefits for the society" historical mission, we believe xingchuang rong and the path of development will be more walk more far, in order to make the glorious future more brilliant performance!

    Our Advantage

    Main products, superior supply, sufficient inventory 

    ABB: ABB Masterpiece200/AC450, ABB Masterview 850/1, Advant OCS, MOD 30/MODCELL, MOD 300, Bailey INFI90, ABB Procontic, ABB Procontrol. and other system spare parts. FOXOBORO I/A: AW51B, P0400YC FBM02, P0400YV FBM18, P0400ZE FBM04, P0914WM FBM241C, FBM217 P0914TR, FBM242 P0916TA, CP40B P0961BC, FBM44 P0950BN, etc. American ALLEN BRADLEY: 1746/ 1747/ 1756/ 1771/ 1785/ 2711 touch screen and other series products, 700DC DC contactor. Honeywell Honeywell: DCS system spare parts module, HONEYWELL TDC series, QCS, S9000 and other spare parts. ALSOM MOTOROLA MVME series: MVME 162-12, MVME 167-02A, MVME177-004 and other series. TOSHIBA Toshiba: DSV1-DA, VCM1X4 2N8C2184P001-G, VCMIX4, VPCPX1, VBMPX1, and other series. System engineering: development and design of automation systems, debugging, low-voltage distribution cabinets, inverter control systems, PLC automatic control systems, various energy-saving complete systems (fans, pumps, cranes, conveyors, etc.) 37KW-2000KW (AC690V).